Our Team



As an experienced expert, a number of traces from Nils’ life come together: Theater, drama therapy, consultancy, daring questions, and escape room builder. All his life, Nils has been fascinated by how you can touch people in such a way that things get moving.

With more than twenty years of entrepreneurial experience, Nils can look over his shoulder and see lessons learned appear: Only by touching people can you create real change.



As founder and creative leader of Denk Producties, Hans has been a market leader in top seminars for entrepreneurs and executives in the Netherlands for many years. Hans’ preliminary highlight was when he brought Barack Obama to the Netherlands for a seminar.

As an experienced expert, Hans transforms seminars into total experiences. In addition to great content, as a guest, you become part of an adventure. Spectators don’t exist anymore, because of these experiences you become a travel companion and adventurer.



Makes stories you can experience. When you merge the boundary between reality and fiction you get people moving in a unique way. From multi-day adventures in London to award-winning Escape Rooms. Whatever the form, you become part of the experience.

As a creative storyteller, Stefan creates enchanting stories that tickle your imagination. Interactive elements don’t passively sprinkle a message over you but drag you into a new world.



Dirk is a wizard of technology. Making up stories and compelling adventures is step one of an experience. Turning these ideas into a digital or hybrid adventure is a profession in itself. Dirk is a master in building online adventures.

From building drones in his spare time to letting the most complicated online tools ‘talk’ to each other, something still needs to be thought of that Dirk can’t make or solve. Do you want to discover what is possible on the internet? Then you need Dirk. Know what you are planning.


Blue Luna
Blue Luna is a creative artist & concept agency for the business market. They match special artists, acts and creative concepts with companies and events and make the artistic translation of the story a company tells. As a partner of Experience Experts they create new business and take care of project management.
www.blueluna.nl / info@blueluna.nl

When every detail is right – from direction and exposure to sound and editing – there is no tool as powerful as film. Inpicto is that film. We play that game, we stimulate those senses and we tell that story. We portray a feeling. We do that with an eye for detail, but above all with a lot of fun. That’s how we bring your message to life. That way you are better in the picture.

Graphic design agency ReVisie thinks along with you how you can best profile yourself. In a way that suits you and your needs. It always starts with listening carefully. It ends with a new logo, magazine, book. Or with a new corporate identity, website, stand, advertising film. ReVision takes a fresh look at every brand. Yours as well.